Legal Consultation

When he was practicing law in Springfield, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln said, “A lawyer’s time and advice is his stock in trade.” In some cases, an hour or two of experienced lawyer’s time can provide a client with a valuable evaluation of the facts and legal issues at hand and options for solving the client's problem.  This legal consultation may be all the help the client needs at the time, or it may be a prelude to the performance of additional legal services.  

Initial Phone Consultation
Joel Ruben speaks to a prospective client on a complimentary basis for 15 minutes or so to get an overview of the problem and legal issues presented.  Mr. Ruben can then discuss with the prospective client how he can be of further assistance. 

Further Consultation
If Mr. Ruben and the prospective client agree that a more comprehensive consultation will be beneficial, Mr. Ruben will outline of the scope of the services to be performed and his fee.  The services will typically include a review of the client’s background documents, an in-person meeting or in-depth telephone conference, some legal research, a letter to an adverse party, and a follow-up email by Mr. Ruben to the client. 

Photo by Neil Kremer via Flickr