Contracts, both written and oral, are the lifeblood of business and real estate transactions.  Joel Ruben assists his clients in the preparation, review, revision and negotiation of a variety of contracts for the purchase, sale and lease real estate, and the sale of businesses and personal property.  This representation involves both the “deal points” of the contract as well as ancillary matters such as how a dispute will be resolved and whether attorney’s fees will be recoverable.

Sometimes, after a contract has been signed, it is necessary for a client to enlist a lawyer to interpret the contract and advise the client of his or her rights and obligations.  This may occur both before and after a dispute has arisen.

The sooner a lawyer intervenes in a brewing contract dispute, the better the chances the dispute can be resolved without litigation.  But it is not always possible to settle a matter without the assistance of a neutral third party such as a mediator, arbitrator or judge.  In that case, it is helpful to have an experienced real estate and business litigation attorney like Joel Ruben to represent and protect your property interests in the forum selected for the resolution of the dispute.