Helping Clients Navigate Through Transactions, Legal Issues and Disputes

Joel Ruben is one of the few real estate and business lawyers in the Los Angeles area with extensive experience and skill in both transactions and litigation, and an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell -- the highest rating it confers for legal ability and professional ethics.  In addition, Mr. Ruben has the versatility, knowledge and perspective to help you stay out of trouble, negotiate and document transactions and devise and implement solutions to your legal problems.

Seeing the Big Picture With a Focus On Problem Solving and Advocacy

PRotecting your PROPERTY and business INTERESTS

When you are buying or selling real estate or a business, or leasing space for your business, you are faced with a variety of challenges.  How should the deal be documented?  What is involved in due diligence and when should you walk away from the deal?   And what do you need to do to successfully close the transaction?  You want a lawyer who will answer those questions for you by protecting your interests and minimizing the risk of a future lawsuit.  Joel Ruben can help you achieve those goals.

Solving Legal Problems     

Sometimes it is too late to employ “an ounce of prevention,” and you don’t know if a “pound of cure” will be enough to remedy your problem.  Dealing with a legal problem is not like patching a flat tire.  While both will slow you down, there could be a creative solution to your legal problem that is not readily apparent.  It takes a seasoned lawyer like Joel Ruben to devise a creative and cost-effective strategy when another lawyer might see only the path to the courthouse.  

MAKING YOUR CASE                

Sometimes litigation is unavoidable.  An adversary may compel you to file lawsuit to redress a wrong.  Or you may have already been sued.  Litigation can be challenging, stressful and complicated.  You want a lawyer who can help you understand the process, assess the potential risks and rewards, and handle your case efficiently and aggressively. If a settlement is not in the cards, Joel Ruben will forcefully present your case at trial.  Over the course of his legal career, he has delivered outstanding results in a variety of cases for both plaintiffs and defendants.